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Bunting Printer Kuching

Bunting printing services

As a leading Kuching Bunting Maker and supplier in Sarawak, Aldini specialized in designing, printing and producing all types of Bunting banners including installation at all major cities and towns. Such Buntings are commonly known as

Bunting Design

Road Side Bunting
Street Bunting
Lamp Post Bunting
Flag Bunting
Backdrop Bunting
Tripod Stand Bunting
Roll up Bunting

Roll up roll down bunting

The main purpose is to install them at targeted advertisement exposure locations such as market, exhibition centers, pedestrals, high traffic congestion area and in front of traffic light.

Compared to bigger Banner, Bunting has obvious size constraint and having much lesser space in it for information. Therefore, buntings requiremore quantity displays to create lasting eye catching visual effect as compare to big Banners.

Bunting Printing

Kuching bunting sample

With so many great bunting and banner products to choose from, keeping your Bunting costs within your budget can be challenging. Aldini strive to provide you with competitive pricing, great products excellent value and best services.

Tripod bunting       tripod bunting with stand
Stand Bunting Banner


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Bunting Design Services

vinyl fishtail bunting

Besides being a Bunting Supplier we are also a leading Media Advertising Specialist and Marketing Consultant in the design, supply, fabrication and installation of various media signboards and signages including Flyer distribution services in Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia.

Aldini is constantly in touch with material supply sources and keeping in touch with the rapid development of innovative technology to always improve our services in order to keep one step ahead of our customers' needs. We pride ourselves on our services and our attention to details because we do not want to give our valued customers a reason to look elsewhere.

road side bunting flag bunting
flag bunting road side bunting

Road Side Bunting

Kuching bunting sample
Roll up Roll down Bunting

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Our Products and Services

Banner Supplier

banner bunting

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet photo sticker display sabah sarawak


Outdoor Inkjet poster sarawak

Signboard Maker

DIGI Backlit signage kuching

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Bunting Supplier, Inkjet printing and Banner Maker, Preinked Stamp
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Usage of Bunting and Banner

Whether it is advertising the latest gadgets, announcing an upcoming event, or spreading festive messages, bunting and banners are an almost universal part of life in Malaysia, visible almost everywhere these days. This is to be expected since, in business, spreading information as quickly and cheaply as possible is key to success. And what better way to do so than with an eye-catching bunting or banner? They are very affordable and definately effective

It is partly because of this that the bunting and banner industry is thriving, and customers are spoilt for choice due to the myriad cost-effective advertising options open to them. All Buntings are vertical in shape and are commonly printed on 300 gsm tarpaulin vinyl and used together with wood and galvanize wire or PVC pipe. Most of time bunting display is only meant for short-term use.

Advertiser will need to obtain all necessary temporary advertisement license and permit from the local council for bunting and banner installation either for outdoor or indoor, business or premise license, signboard or light box or signage license permit. This is usually undertaken by the respective Bunting Maker and Supplier.

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